Complimentary Professional Learning Day with the Instructional Coaching Group

The Instructional Coaching Group will be hosting a complimentary professional learning day in Visalia, California on March 12th and we’d love to have you there. Our goal in offering you complimentary attendance is to show the value in ICGs workshops that are structured around the research-validated Partnership Learning approach and are designed to be practical and engaging, and beneficial for teachers, leaders, and coaches.

Led by ICG senior consultant, Ann Hoffman, this workshop is a great opportunity to see what a research-based coaching program that is built on the ideas of autonomy and positivity can do for your school and district. The agenda for this free PD day is included below and we’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about it. 

Meet the Presenter

Ann Hoffman, TLC 2020 presenterAnn Hoffman, Senior Consultant at ICG, and a Professional Development Leader for the University of Kansas Center for Research on Learning (KU-CRL) with more than 30 years of experience. As one of the first professional developers for KU-CRL as well as one of the first consultants with ICG, Ann has worked with thousands of teachers, coaches, and administrators in the United States and internationally. Ann is a recipient of the Gordon R. Alley Partnership Award and the Strategic Instruction Model Leadership Award, both from KU-CRL. She is also the 2017 recipient of the Don Deshler Leadership Award from the Instructional Coaching Group. In addition, Ann serves as a founding member of the advisory board for the Belin-Blank Center for Gifted and Talented Education at the University of Iowa. Ann lives in Iowa and California with her family.


Better Conversations

Effective coaches, leaders, and educators communicate their message clearly, build healthy emotional connections with others, and maneuver through emotionally complex situations in ways that allow them to speak the truth so that will be heard. This workshop introduces 6 beliefs and 10 habits that promote healthy and productive relationships.


The Impact Cycle

Based on the bestselling book, The Impact Cycle is an established process for guiding the coaching experience and ensures that instructional coaches have all of the tools they need to help teachers set and achieve their goals. Participants in this workshop will learn why the cycle is successful, and gain experience using it through examples and guided exercises.


Creating an Instructional Playbook

Instructional playbooks are packed with tools to facilitate the coaching process, but instead of reducing teaching or coaching to following a script, they provide a framework to apply and adjust to the specific needs of a given teacher and his or her classroom. In settings where a clearly defined set of teaching strategies already exists, this workshop guides coaches and others (e.g., administrators) through the development of an instructional playbook.

The Instructional Coaching Group

The Instructional Coaching Group (ICG), led by Jim Knight and his colleagues, has been studying instructional coaching for more than two decades. The goal of that research and of the broader work of ICG is that every student receives excellent instruction every day, in every class.


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