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Regarding COVID-19

Given recent developments regarding COVID-19 and the country’s focus on social distancing, the Instructional Coaching Group will be cancelling all events through April 19th. With that said, we know many of you are looking for virtual and online resources as you navigate your new normal. While we organize this much-needed content, please feel free to view our existing resources. If you think we can support you in any way, please reach out to us, at hello@instructionalcoaching.com.

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annual conference

Teaching | Learning | Coaching Conference: Better Leaders

October 4-6, 2020
San Antonio, Texas

Join us at the world’s leading conference for instructional coaching and instructional practice! Featuring more than 30 education experts and practitioners leading keynote presentations and learning sessions focused on high-impact teaching strategies, proven instructional coaching practices, and system change strategies designed to lead to high performance schools.

The intensive Instructional Coaching institute

Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute

The Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute (IICI) is a 5-day retreat based on 20+ years of research, led by the founder of instructional coaching, Jim Knight. This is our most popular offering; it includes a comprehensive professional development opportunity covering five coaching areas presented in Jim Knight’s bestselling books and research, and takes place right in Jim’s hometown.

This unique learning opportunity helps coaches and administrators develop a deeper understanding of the coaching process and practices, cultivate the necessary communication skills for healthy conversations, deepen engagement in the classroom, and best utilize coaching tools and resources.

Who should attend?

  • New instructional coaches
  • Veteran instructional coaches who want a refresher course
  • Administrators developing coaching programs
  • Administrators who want to support their coaches

Coaches of Coaches Workshop

Are you an administrator developing a new coaching program?

Receive one-on-one support in this special add-on to our Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute. With a maximum attendance of 10 people, these small groups work one-on-one with Jim Knight to:

  1. Learn how to apply all of the coaching coaches tools that have been developed by the Instructional Coaching Group

  2. Develop specific plans for supporting coaches and educating others in their district
  3. Learn and share with others who are developing or supporting coaches
This is an add-on to the Intensive Instructional Coaching Institute

Co-Hosted Professional Development

Introduction to Leadership Coaching

This session explores how a coaching orientation, together with a strong coaching process and key coaching skills, can make a significant and immediate difference in the conversations in which school leaders engage every day.

Co-hosted by Jim Knight of Instructional Coaching Group, and Chris Munro of Growth Coaching International.

mar 17-18, 2020
lawrence, ks

Coaching Skills for Instructional Coaches

Based on Advanced Coaching Practice (2019) and An Introduction to Coaching Skills (2017) by Christian van Nieuwerburgh, this session focuses on the beliefs, habits, and practices of effective, advanced coaches. Coaching is a particular form of conversation that requires specific skills.

Co-hosted by Jim Knight of Instructional Coaching Group, and Chris Munro of Growth Coaching International.

MAY 27, 2020
lawrence, ks

2020 CollectivED National Knowledge Exchange

Explore practices that create professional capacity and build educational excellence. Reflect on the conversations we have with colleagues, the discussions that address dilemmas, and professional learning that has dialogue at its heart. Gain a renewed purpose and the potential to enhance education through ensuring that we have better professional conversations.

In partnership with CollectivED and Growth Coaching International

June 23, 2020
Leeds, England

year-long institutes

The Instructional Coaching Group is committed to positioning everyone we work with as partners. We are transparent about what we share, what it costs, and how we can help organizations provide their own training for their staff. Our goal is to help our partners create the best possible coaching program, and we intend for that goal to be obvious in every interaction we have with partnering organizations. 

Hosted by Frisco Independent School District

Presented by Jim Knight and Michelle Harris

oct 2019 – mar 2020
frisco, tx

Hosted by Region 13

Region 13’s Jim Knight IC Institute 2019

oct 2019 – mar 2020
austin, tx

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