Vlad Tetelbaum

Vlad Tetelbaum is co-founder Swivl and a passionate promoter of using video in many areas of education. He is responsible for many aspects of Swivl operations, but especially for ensuring security of the Swivl platform as well as working with thousands of educators to bring new tools and capabilities to solve their every day challenges. Vlad’s ties to education are pervasive in his family. His father was a professor and innovation teacher and his wife and extended family members have been teachers, directors, special education specialists, and child psychologists. Family dinners are full of education policy debates, a plethora of acronyms, student success stories, and wild ideas.

Prior to founding Swivl, Vlad worked in a variety of notable companies: Compaq, Cosine, Digeo, and D2M where he combined user needs with technology advancements.  He holds degrees from UC Berkeley and Stanford. 

With his wife, he is raising two teenage sons in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Twitter: @vtetelbaum

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vladimirtetelbaum/