Tracey Dumas Clark

Dr. Tracey Dumas Clark is curriculum and instructional specialist, professional developer, author, teacherpreneur, and most importantly a mother who is determined to leave the planet in better shape than she found it.  She is the CEO of Dumas Clark Curriculum Consulting (DC3), a LLC focused on equipping educators with the art, smart, and heart of teaching by facilitating dynamic, engaging, and reflective learning experiences that liberate and empower.  Dr. Clark is also the founder of the Greenhouse Academy of Professional Partners (GAPP), a teacher powered student designed micro-school whose mission is to empower the next generation of innovative servant leaders by providing hands on problem based educational opportunities in a student centered, impact focused, toxic free, healthy and sustainable learning environment.

Dr. Clark’s purpose in life is to create a world of critical thinkers, innovators, and problem solvers committed to acts of service in the global quest to create and maintain a healthy, socially just, equitable, and sustainable future.