Rebecca Frazier

Rebecca Frazier, PhD, has centered her professional career around learning and sharing how to become an effective coach in a variety of situations. When teachers feel encouragement and love as well as being supported by a technically skilled and com­petent coach, both the positive energy to persevere and the skills needed to meet difficult challenges are produced. This holistic way of delivering coaching, that includes a focus on personal development, benefits all involved in the process: students, teach­ers, coaches, and leaders. Rebecca’s doctoral research included a qualitative and quantitative study dedicated to answering the question, “What makes an effective instructional coach?” which became the foundation for her book, The Joy of Coaching: Characteristics of Effective Instructional Coaches.

Her years as a classroom teacher, an instructional coach, trainer of instructional coaches, district facilitator for coaching program development, and a K–8 principal have provided her with a multi-tiered perspective of the coaching process. Rebecca sees coaching as the “go to” professional development strategy that, when delivered with warmth and power, can inspire joy and professional success.