Nicole Skeen, Morgan Lee, Angela Adams


Nicole Skeen, Morgan Lee, and Angela Adams, affectionately known as the COOP, have a collective 62 years of experience in public education. They have served at the school, district, state, and university level in roles such as teacher, administrator, coach, coordinator, instructor, and program director. The COOP currently serves as the leadership and development team for the Carolina Teacher Induction Program (CarolinaTIP) out of the University of South Carolina.

CarolinaTIP is an innovative university-based induction program designed to serve as a bridge of support for new teachers as they transition from education student to leading and teaching in a classroom of their own. With the aim of increasing retention in the profession, CarolinaTIP helps novice teachers build a professional foundation as they navigate the demands of their new jobs. The program is built on the belief that increasing teacher self-efficacy, capacity, confidence, resiliency, and hope ultimately benefits the students they serve.

In addition to developing the program, designing professional development, and coaching teachers, the COOP is also tasked with training, coaching, and supporting the Carolina Coaches who are essential to the success of CarolinaTIP. Skeen, Lee, and Adams have pulled from the best practices in coaching to build a model designed to meet the specific needs of novice teachers. Add in a pinch of humor, a dash of creative insubordination, and the belief that “You shoot for the ideal, and deal with reality!” and you get the COOP’s unique approach and presentation style.