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The Radical Learners blog features articles and interviews of people who:

  • believe we are here on earth to learn
  • use technology to learn, teach, & lead (and because it’s cool)
  • know that to teach without hope is to damage, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • don’t blame others but accept personal responsibility for whatever task they take on
  • infect everybody with their love of learning; most important, the children they teach

Blog Posts

Article: Escape from the Zero-Learning Zone

We know that learning is essential for professional success, self-efficacy, healthy relationships, and well-being. However, when opportunities to learn present themselves, we frequently turn away. Offered the chance to learn, we choose instead to move into what Jim...

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ICG Coaching Certification: New, Improved, and 10 FAQs

Back when I was a new teacher, the National Board Certification process was still new, too. I knew that someday I would take part in that process because, from day one, I wanted some outside agency, some impartial jury, to answer two questions that worried me day and...

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Article: Why Teacher Autonomy Is Central to Coaching?

After studying coaching for more than 20 years, Jim Knight has concluded that recognizing and honoring teacher autonomy is an essential and fundamental part of effective coaching. Edward Deci and Richard Ryan (2000) synthesized their decades of research on motivation...

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Free Coaching Video Resources

Teaching and coaching are challenging feats right now. Many schools have had to adjust to a fully-remote model, some are juggling a combination of in-person and virtual blended instruction, and others just beginning to have students return to a learning environment...

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See What People Are Saying About #TLC2020

It's been one week since this year's Teaching Learning Coaching conference and we're still actively collecting feedback from attendees. This was the conference's first ever virtual conference and we've received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and...

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