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The Radical Learners blog features articles and interviews of people who:

  • believe we are here on earth to learn
  • use technology to learn, teach, & lead (and because it’s cool)
  • know that to teach without hope is to damage, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • don’t blame others but accept personal responsibility for whatever task they take on
  • infect everybody with their love of learning; most important, the children they teach

Blog Posts

A Quick Note About Our New Coaching Environments

Pexels We’re fairly certain you’ve all been feeling a bit of anxiety as all of us adjust to the new normal, and we wanted to take a moment to tell you you’re doing a great job. Try to give yourself grace. Remember that a lot of us are teaching in new environments,...

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Coaching, Fear, and the High School Teacher

I’m not much of a party person. I like to be home, and although I can engage with pretty much anyone, on a Saturday night, I’d rather not. I wasn’t always this way, but my years as a high school teacher made me wary of people in social situations. Once the question...

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Partnering, not Prodding: Autonomy and the New Teacher

  I trust the young. In a world that consistently criticizes the generations behind it, I believe that younger people have so much to offer in the hope that comes with new ideas and limitless possibility. The younger voices I value are not just those of students...

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