The Radical Learners Blog

The Radical Learners blog features articles and interviews of people who:

  • believe we are here on earth to learn
  • use technology to learn, teach, & lead (and because it’s cool)
  • know that to teach without hope is to damage, but to teach with hope can save the world
  • don’t blame others but accept personal responsibility for whatever task they take on
  • infect everybody with their love of learning; most important, the children they teach

Blog Posts

The Coach’s Playlist: Moralistic Judgment

  The Coach’s Playlist is a two-minute read packed with information based on an essential part of coaching.   This week’s topic: Moralistic Judgment The Idea: People will not want to open up to someone who judges them moralistically. We won’t run for help to...

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Article: Dialogue & Trust

Below is a summary of my article in the Summer 2020 issue of Principal Connections. Paulo Freire’s book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, has deeply affected and challenged me since I first encountered it my undergraduate studies. Freire’s writing has impacted ICG’s...

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Coaching in Times of Chaos

The past year ignited peak levels of stress and anxiety, and many of us are still struggling to find solid ground as things seem to change constantly. It’s easy for anyone – coaches, teachers, or administrators – to feel especially vulnerable right now. The good news...

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Discussing Cultural Literacy Terms with NEA’s Rowena Shurn

During the weeks leading up to ICG’s 2020 Teaching Learning Coaching Conference, I had a chance to discuss instructional coaching through a Diversity, Equity, and Cultural Competency (DECC) lens with Rowena Shurn, the Senior Policy Analyst with the National Education...

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Article: Moving from Talk to Action in Professional Learning

Below is a summary of my article in the February 2021 issue of Educational Leadership. Read the full article here. Knowing the stages teachers tend to go through as they implement a new approach makes it easier to support them. Those of us who support educators who...

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Guest Post: The Virus Does Not Discriminate

Today we welcome a post from Won-Fong Lau Johnson, Ph.D., NCSP, who originally submitted this writing on equity for the iOpening Enterpises blog.   The virus does not discriminate — but many in schools do. What are you doing to protect your students? Times of...

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