icg consulting

Many organizations have carefully planned and designed coaching programs. However, in cases where clear plans have not been developed, one day of focused planning can have a huge impact on the effectiveness and success of coaching programs. For that reason, our consultants are available to meet with districts and help create plans for developing and supporting highly effective coaching programs.

Ideal for coaching champions, superintendents, central office staff, principals, and coaches, our single-day consulting typically consists of one ICG consultant partnering with a small number of key decisions makers. Sessions can either be facilitated by Jim Knight (Lawrence, Kansas) or with a senior consultant (at the school site). While centered around a custom-made agenda, sessions often address the following issues:

    • Establishing goals for the coaching program
    • Establishing measures of success for coaching programs
    • Planning professional development for coaches, administrators, and teachers
    • Determining how and how frequently coaches will meet in coaching professional development teams (we suggest at least every other week)
    • Determining what other supports need to be in place for coaches to work effectively
    • Determining the percentage of time coaches should focus their work on coaching
    • Identifying which coaching model (facilitative, dialogical, directive) a district will adopt
    • Identifying the teaching strategies that will be included in the coaches’ instructional playbook
    • Establishing how coaches will be evaluated

    ICG Partners with School Districts

    The Instructional Coaching Group is committed to positioning everyone we work with as partners. We are transparent about what we share, what it costs, and how we can help organizations provide their own training for their staff. Our goal is to help our partners create the best possible coaching program, and we intend for that goal to be obvious in every interaction we have with partnering organizations.

    If you are interested in learning more about ICG, or if you would like a free coaching call to discuss how you can set and meet goals for your organization, please send us a message via the button below.