Current Cycle

ICG Certification

ICG Certification


November 1, 2020

ICG Certification


May 1-June 15, 2021

Welcome to Certification!

The Instructional Coaching Group is committed to one goal: “that every student will experience excellent instruction, every day, in every class.” We are continually researching what we can do to make that goal a reality. At this point, we believe the best way for that goal to be realized is that schools employ and support instructional coaches who effectively implement the Impact Cycle.

Why Certification?

We have created this certification process to clearly describe what excellent coaching is and to provide a target for any instructional coach interested in engaging in great coaching. Around the world, organizations are hiring coaches even though they are unclear about what kind of coaching approach they’re adopting and what effective coaching looks like.
We want our certification process to help people better understand what effective coaching is and how to implement it. Better teaching will lead to better learning, and we have found that better coaching is the most powerful way to make that happen.

The Process

STEP 1 ICG Instructional Coaching Certification REGISTER

STEP 3 ICG Instructional Coaching Certification SCORING

Eligibility requirements

Candidates must

  • be employed full-time as an instructional coach,
  • spend 70% of their work time on coaching (versus administrative tasks, testing, intervention, or other non-coaching tasks), and
  • submit registration and portfolio requirements by the specified deadlines.

candidate timeline

The timeline below is for new candidates registering in 2018 as Cohort 2.
(Three-year process)

  • Submit any portfolio pieces for 2018-2019 by your portfolio between May 1 and  June 15, 2019
  • Receive your scores by October 31, 2019
  • Submit any remaining portfolio pieces between May 1 and June 15, 2020
  • Receive your scores by October 31, 2020
  • Submit any retakes for the portfolio between May 1 and June 15, 2021
  • ADD: Receive final certification notice by October 31, 2021

Refund Policy: Please note that refunds cannot be provided for this program.